How to save 10% on your Tequila Sunset rental

We have been a huge fan of VRBO and have had both of our properties listed on it  for over 10 years. Recently VRBO, which is part of Homeaway, was purchased by Expedia. We were very disappointed to learn that in addition to  many changes in the way the business will be conducted, they have decided to add a service fee to every booking made through them. The booking fee does not come to the owner but is kept by them in addition to the fees we pay to list and the credit card fees they earn on every transaction. The fee added to rentals for Tequila Sunset is between $100 and $150 depending on season and days. That's a lot of money with no added benefit to the guest or owner.

If you would like to save this fee, we can offer booking through Paypal which does not go through the VRBO website. Simply contact us at and we can arrange this. You can also save an additional $50 if you would like to pay your deposit through Paypal and the balance by check.