The Busiest Day of the Year on North Captiva March 26

On an island that is usually quiet, the busiest day of the year is actually an event. It marks the peak of the season. This year it was March 26. That is when an already full island greets the Easter week crowd. For a few short hours both groups are on the island and it is a bit crazy. All boats are booked and jockey for position in the harbor. And then by 5:30, everything is back to normal. Each week gets quieter and quieter from here. I met a family who was leaving the island and asked if they had a good time. Her 9 year old daughter answered first, "Yes, but we have to go home." She didn't seem happy. Then the mother took out her phone and showed me a video of the family kayaking. As I was watching the video a manatee came out of the water on the side of the kayak and kind of nuzzled the kayak. It was amazing. I told her I had never seen anything like it. She said that the manatees stayed with them the whole time they kayaked. That's what makes North Captiva so special. You never know what will happen!!