What should I pack?

You've heard the old travel adage, put out what you consider essential and then pack half of it. Well in North Captiva, we have to alter that a bit. Take out what you consider essential and then put away most of it. Sound crazy? Well, let me explain why I say that. The island is very casual and beachy, you will not need any dressy clothing. Consider that the roads are all sand. You will not want the heel of your new sandals sinking into the gritty sand. So take out the dressy shoes. Our house had a washer dryer, so you won't need outfits for 7 days. Better to take a few and wash them midweek.  You will need bathing suits, cover ups, shorts and flip flops- maybe a sundress and sweater or jacket for sunset walks That's about  it. 

Ok, now that I hope I have convinced you not to bring much in the way of luggage,  I will do an about face and say to bring lots of food. Why? Because you don't want to purchase anything on the island. Don't say I didn't warn you- but any food or cosmetics you buy on the island will cost 3 times what it will in Publix. And you won't have much choice. So concentrate on your meal plans and shopping list. Items which are commonly forgotten include batteries, sunscreen, bottled water, charcoal and snack and desserts. Many times when menus are planned the snack and desserts aren't included. Also keep in mind that supermarkets in Florida sell beer and wine. If you have any questions about what to bring, don't hesitate to ask us. We provide many items for the rental to save on carrying over extras, so check with us first if you are not sure.