Winter Season 2017/2018

I can say with no hesitation that I am glad the summer of 2017 is behind us. The island fared very well in the horrendous storms that Florida faced. Our house thankfully suffered no damage and we are so grateful that Irma decided to turn right before she reached North Captiva.

The news forecasts of a 14 foot storm surge were absolutely terrifying. The idea of the island being submerged and the devastation that it would cause,  was really heartbreaking. It is humbling to realize how lucky we were and what a gem North Captiva is. Is also reminds you of how fragile the things you hold dear really are.

We are looking forward to another beautiful winter in Southwestern Florida. If you haven't visited before, now is the time to plan a wonderful vacation on North Captiva. The island was untouched by the storms and ready for you to discover and enjoy!